Who am I?


I am a half Spanish, half German telecommunications engineer who became obsessed with blockchain, Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. After missing to see the potential on first sight, like most people, a second look into the underlying technology made me realize the revolution we are living. Now I spend most of my spare time educating myself, mostly about blockchain, but I am also keen on other topics like AI, quantum computing and business digitalization.

More about me



  • Living in Madrid, Spain
  • B.Eng. Telecommunications
  • MSc in Mathematics
  • Currently working in finance
My aim


I want to educate people to the best of my abilities, laying the foundations for them to join the blockchain space and critically think (hopefully seeing the same potential I do), maybe encouraging further adoption. I believe the only way to achieve this goal is to constantly keep learning myself and be up to date on every aspect of this new technology.